May 4, 2022

Relationships Simplified

Relationships Simplified

While many of us want love, we don't want just any old love. We want the end all, be all version. Many of us view finding love as a task based in trial and error. Others may view the finding love experience as a magical lucky experience. Still, there are others who see the finding love process as a process of compromising wants and boundaries just to get the job done, after all love is a business isn't it.

Are any of these approaches best? More importantly, do you share any of these beliefs?

You may be right, but then again you may be just spinning your wheels.

If you are serious about not just finding love, but finding a healthy version of love and maintaining it then you should take a listen to the advice for lovers podcast.

Listeners real life situations are analyzed and addressed with knowledge, compassion and most of all experience in what works and what is healthy.

Say good bye to toxicity, say hello to a healthier you and the love that you deserve.

Advice for Lovers Podcast - available on Apple Music, Google Podcasts, YouTube and more.

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